The perfect fit creates the perfect look. Our made-to-measure drops help you find the perfect length for the curtains you choose to adorn your home with.

Made with quality fabric, the drops are a testament to the pain we take in helping you make your home look beautiful and stunning.


You deserve blinds that complement the style of your room or your office and with Carillo Group you get exactly that. Our Roman Blinds are second to none in terms of quality and come in warm and soft colours suited to any mood and personal taste.

The blinds from Carillo suit any room in your home and provide it with a distinctive look and feel that makes everyone say ‘wow’.


Our Italian curtains are not just curtains but wonderful pieces of art and the more your eyes fall on them, the more your love for them. Carillo curtains are crafted with care to exude opulence and provide your home with the style that it deserves.

Choose from Carillo’s exciting range of luxury Italian Curtains Dubai, available in contemporary colours, style and made with the finest fabrics.